WE ARE BACK! 关于2019鹅岛啤酒BooshKaBaash音乐节,你需要知道的还有这些


Hey Boosh Fam, how’s it going? The 2019 Goose Island BooshKaBaash Fest is coming in hot to celebrate its 11th anniversary together with you. We stay dedicated to bringing you the highest quality acts from all around the world. And this year we continue to pamper your ears with more surprises. Come immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Shanghai and sway with us.


What is BooshKaBaash?

鹅岛啤酒布什克巴十音乐节是对音乐的一种庆祝,它没有局限的音乐形式,只要能令人欢欣起舞,无论音乐风格或起源,我们都乐于呈现。我们想通过给大家展示各种类型的乐队和音乐,为新兴的、本土以及国际艺术家提供一个显眼的平台,来展示他们的才华。只有在鹅岛布什克巴十音乐节上,你才能听到多样性的音乐:流行音乐、民谣、民族摇滚、Funk和爵士乐队—他们和你共享这同一个舞台!The Goose Island BooshKaBaash Festival is a celebration of music in all of its wonderful eclecticism, whatever the style or origin, and that’s why we want to show you all types of bands and music. The goal is to provide a highly visible platform for emerging, locally based and international artists to showcase their talents. Only at the Goose Island BooshKaBaash Festival will you hear such musical diversity as pop, folk, ethnic rock, funk and jazz bands sharing the stage!


What to expect from the festival?


Presented and celebrated in all of its beautiful musical fusion, BooshKaBaash Festival centres on bringing a weekend of live music in the heart of Shanghai, which will return to Nanjing West road’s famous Shanghai Centre and again, it will be completely FREE! On May 25th to 26th from 12pm–8pm, live music will run all day to keep you fed, hydrated and entertained. Featuring a vast array of international and locally based Chinese and expat bands, this year’s line-up is gearing up to be the most diverse yet! Presenting a mishmash of tasty musical goodness, BooshKaBaash really has “something for everyone”.

Catch us on May 25-26th and get ready for a day full of music and a night full of fun. Make sure to stick around for our lucky draws, along with other soon-to-be-unveiled surprises, so you’d better get ready! This rare Shanghai music festival is sure to be a unique experience, this is NOT a festival you want to miss!

除了上海商城的双日音乐嘉年华外,2019年的鹅岛啤酒布什克巴十音乐节还将包括在鹅岛精酿啤酒餐厅GOOSE ISLAND BREWHOUSE举办的两场暖场活动,一场节前派对,以及一场节后派对。

Along with the 2-day musical extravaganza at the Shanghai Centre, the 2019 Goose Island BooshKaBaash will also include two warm-up sessions, a pre-party, and an after-party at the Goose Island Brewhouse. 



May 15th – Warm-up Session 1 @ Goose Island Brewhouse (8pm–11pm)

May 18th – Pre-Party @ Goose Island Brewhouse (3pm–6pm)

May 22nd– Warm-up Session 2 @ Goose Island Brewhouse (8pm–11pm)

May 25th – Festival @ Shanghai Centre (Mid-day –8pm)

After-Party @ Goose Island Brewhouse (9pm–11pm)

May 26th – Festival @ Shanghai Centre (12pm–8pm)


鹅岛啤酒布什克巴什音乐节 – 活动时间

5月15日 – 暖场活动1 @鹅岛精酿啤酒餐厅 (晚上8点–11点)

5月18日 – 节前派对 @鹅岛精酿啤酒餐厅 (下午3点–6点)

5月22日 – 暖场活动2 @鹅岛精酿啤酒餐厅 (晚上8点–11点)

5月25日 – 音乐节 @上海商城 (中午12点–晚上8点)

After Party @鹅岛精酿啤酒餐厅 (晚上9点–11点)

5月26日 – 音乐节 @上海商城 (中午12点–晚上8点)






Goose Island Brewhouse: Level 1-2, No.209 North Maoming Road (near West Nanjing Road)

Shanghai Centre: No.1376 West Nanjing Road (near Xi Kang Road)