The New Grass Band is here to have fun! We want to welcome you to our wold music

The band’s style is based on the combination of each band member’s hometown music. Combining American Bluegrass, Mongolian and traditional Chinese songs, and to the same extent, the Grandeur, Funk, Rock and Roll. And the elements of contemporary music.

Tom Pang  (Pang zhi Peng) is one of China’s musical pioneers. Originally from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Tom’s classical violin training was affected in the early 2000s by his strong attraction to the new and exotic sounds of American bluegrass and country music. In addition to classical and world folk  music influences, Tom’s Chinese and Mongolian heritage impacts his musical approach in a unique way. 

The complex interplay of the fiddle and guitar, ringing sound of the banjo, blazing mandolin runs, and the high lonesome vocal harmonies recalls emotions from small country towns half a world away.  New Grasslands plays music that is exciting, plaintive, heart-warming, and most of all… human.