The Shanghai Sheikhs are the resident band of Shake Club, Shanghai’s pre-eminent live music venue. Composed of some of the city’s most talented musicians, the Sheikhs perform unique interpretations of funk and soul classics and funky original compositions to a packed houses every week at Shake.

The Sheikhs are joined by Courtney Knott, a singer, producer and composer from Oakland California. In addition to her astonishing vocal abilities and on stage charisma, Courtney is a prolific songwriter and frequently performs her original songs with the Sheikhs. Courtney describes her own style as “cinematic pop music with trap influences”, yet she is also fluent in the repertoire of funk and soul legends such as Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson.

Courtney and the Shanghai Sheikhs are guaranteed to put on a performance that crackles with energy and gets the crowd on their feet every time