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Hawkers is a firm born on the Internet with the aim of revolutionizing the sunglasses industry with a clear proposal: quality branded glasses at a fair price.

In just over four years, the firm has already become the third best sold sunglasses brand in the world on the internet and has positioned itself in the ranking among the  top 10 Spanish fashion brands best valued internationally.


Hawkers digital marketing strategy has led them to optimize their online advertising to unsuspected limits, becoming a case study for the best technology platforms that nowadays exist such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even turning into one of their very first alfa and beta testers worldwide for their most innovative products.

Hawkers的网络营销战略打破了营销局限,使得他们的广告最大化的落地,并成为facebook, Instagram, twitter这些最大社交媒体平台的研究案例,甚至成为世界上最早检测他们创新产品的公司之一。

For the first time in the history of Hawkers and as a cultural challenge for the company necessary to reach the Asian market (where they landed in October 9, 2017) the brand adapted their product to the Asian physiognomy releasing the Asian Fit size. A completely new size for the firm, which allows their consumers to choose between European or Asian size.


The Hawkers brand never goes unnoticed

After its rapid expansion, the brand got consolidated within the market, which has led it to create limited editions for top companies such as Los Angeles Lakers, Pull & Bear (Inditex), Diesel or PlayStation, among others. Also, making alliances with large

companies like Disney, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and PayPal, this last one has even awarded them with a recognition to the Best Case Study.


In addition, the triumph of Hawkers is also linked to celebrities. One of its latest and

most important collaborations has been with the considered best player of the world: Leo Messi. Both have created a special edition which can be found for sale on TMall Global.

On the other hand the well-known DJ Steve Aoki, the famous and best skater of the world today Nyjah Huston… are also some of its most recognized personalities, among a large list.


在公司快速扩张之后,品牌迅速融合市场,为洛杉矶湖人队(Los Angeles Lakers,Pull&Bear (Inditex), Diesel, El Ganso o PlayStation等制作定制款。同时也联合Disney, Mercedes Benz, Ford, y PayPal等大牌公司合作,甚至与PayPal的合作还获评了最佳成就奖


此外,Hawkers的成功还与跟明星们的紧密合作息息相关。最近的一个与大牌明星的合作案例是与世界足坛巨星里奥梅西的合作,为梅西的定制版已经在天猫国际售卖。此外,与知名DJ Steve Aoki, 著名滑板选手Nyjah Huston等的定制款都在长长的合作明星列表当中。

Hawkers and its business model in Asia

For Hawkers, China is a great challenge in every single way. It is the first country where they can not apply their know-how in social networks and for that reason for 10 months now the company has been marketing its products in China by the hand of Alibaba, the Asian e-commerce giant, reaching already the TOP 30, among the more than 500 sunglasses brands sold in TMall.

The firm continues to explore other direct sales channels, such as the one offered by the most widely used app in the country, WeChat, creating soon their own Hawkers WeChat Store.