The Shindiggers take you on an adventure in the rhythm of swing! Alec Haavik, JZ Music Artist ,an icon of Shanghai jazz, leads this exciting and fun group comprising Shanghai’s most brilliant jazz players, and featuring the fantastic jazz vocalist Jade Lee.


The Shindiggers draw inspiration from classic artists from the 1920’s through the 1950’s, and are building a repertoire of music by such greats as Jimmy Lunceford, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington. As the Shindiggers prepares to enter “Phase 2”, incorporating a repertoire of new swing music, original compositions in the swing rhythm which will push boundaries by introducing modern jazz harmony, and even electronic sounds! They call this style “Nu-Lindy”. The Shindiggers play music for swing dancing — Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, and other dancing styles. For their monthly parties at JZ Club, the tables and chairs are cleared away to make room for the energetic and beautiful dancers of the Shanghai swing dance community. For festival and concert performances The Shindiggers are joined by top swing dancer “Faybee Sue” (Xu Fei), who brings her own choreographed dance in Charleston and Solo Jazz style to the live performance.

The Shindiggers is a journey to the legendary Savoy Ballroom of New York City in the 1930’s, and to the future of swing in Shanghai!